At GIFT, one of our visions is to equip and train many lay people so that they may be able to help one another to create a healthier & happier community and world. GIFT offers various training programs for those who want to be trained to serve people and the community. We also offer various certification training programs for pastors in the area of relationship skills to support local churches in our community.

GIFT also wants to partner with community organization leaders and church pastors/leaders in establishing family & restoration programs and ministries in their communities by providing resources, curriculum, and training.

In addition to providing training and equipping people to become helpers and facilitators in emotional and spiritual healing, we also work closely with churches, schools, and community organizations to provide professional support, guidance, and consultation. We also offer training to equip churches and community leaders in the community.

  • School of Lay Counseling & Healing Ministry
  • Other Training Programs

GIFT 에서는 더욱 건강하고 행복한 지역 사회를 위해 일반인들과 평신도들이 다른 사람을 도울 수 있는 일군이 되도록 “GIFT 평신도상담치유 훈련학교” 및 다양한 훈련프로그램을 통해 훈련과 교육을 제공 합니다. 또한 지역교회 목사님들과 사역자들을 위해 세계적으로 알려진Prepare & Enrich 예비결혼/결혼교실 ( 프로그램의 공인된 진행자 (facilitator)가 될수있도록 훈련과 교제를 제공합니다. 리디아 전 박사는 Prepare & Enrich 예비결혼/결혼교실 진행자(facilitator)를 훈련 승인할수 있는 Prepare & Enrich 프로그램의 공인된 트레이너 입니다.

GIFT 상담치유연구원에서는 지역교회와 단체들과 협력하여 건강한 개인, 가정, 사회를 이루어가기를 소망합니다.