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GIFT For CommunityGIFT For Community

Through GIFT For Community, we are committed to helping people help other people in order to build a healthier, happier community and world. We envision ordinary people, community leaders & their organizations, schools, and churches gathering together to transform our community. Together, we can transform our community!

We offer certification programs which are designed to equip and train people to become helpers and facilitators of transformation and whole person healing. In turn, these trained and certified people offer services to help other people and serve the community.

We also work closely with churches, schools, community organizations to provide professional support, guidance, and consultation.

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GIFT For Community에서는 훈련된 일반인/평신도상담자들과 지역 교회와 단체들이 함께 협력해서 커뮤니티를 도와 더욱 건강한 가정과 사회를 이루고자 합니다. 개개인을 훈련하고 준비시켜 전인 치유의 일꾼으로 세울 뿐 아니라, 지역교회, 학교, 단체들과 함께 건강한 가정과 사회를 이루고자 합니다. 함께 동참해 GIFT For Community의 협력단체가 되기 원하시면 으로 문의하시기 바랍니다.