4th “New Creation Whole Person” (“새사람 전인치유 힐링켐프”) Healing Camp

We had our 4th New Creation Whole person Healing Camp on November 14th, 21st two Saturdays at God’s Family Church in Buena Park CA. Many pastors and Pastors’ wives and Lay leaders attended and had a very blessed time.
The 5th New Creation Whole Person Healing seminar will be held on  May 5th Thursday evening 7:30pm – Saturday May 7th 7:00pm. For more information please contact us.
제 4차 “새사람 전인치유 세미나” 가 11월 14일 21일 양 토요일, God’s Family 교회에서 가졌습니다. 많은 교회 지도자분들이 참석하셔서 은혜로운 시간을 가졌습니다. 제 5차는 2016년 봄에 가질 예정입니다.